Washington Fair Plan
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The Washington Fair Plan was established in 1968 to provide basic property insurance to applicants who cannot obtain property insurance in the voluntary insurance market.  The Fair Plan functions under the rules and regulations of Chapter 284-19 of the Washington Administrative Code.  As such, the Fair Plan has a direct reporting relationship to the Office of the Insurance Commissioner of the State of Washington.


Participation in this program is mandatory for all property insurers in Washington.  All companies writing property insurance are members of the Fair Plan.  Every insurance producer licensed to write property insurance in Washington has a vested interest to support consumers with insurance challenges.  The Fair Plan application may only be completed by a licensed insurance agent and must be signed by the agent and the applicant. Basic fire insurance coverage may be provided for dwelling and commercial risks.




To be eligible for coverage, the risk must be located within the State of Washington.  The property must also meet reasonable underwriting standards, which include but are not limited to:


1.  Physical condition of the property such as its construction, the wiring, evidence of previous fires or general deterioration.


2.  It’s present use or housekeeping, such as vacancy, overcrowding, storage of rubbish or flammable materials.


3.  Other specific characteristics of ownership, condition, occupancy or maintenance which are violative of public policy and result in unreasonable exposure to loss.  Neighborhood or area location or any environment hazard beyond the control of the property owner shall not be deemed to be an acceptable criterion for declining a risk.


4. Farm and manufacturing risks are not eligible for coverage.




Coverage is available for both structures and contents of Dwelling and Commercial risks. Perils insured against are Fire, Extended Coverage Endorsement and Vandalism & Malicious Mischief. The Fair Plan does not provide theft or liability coverage nor are time element coverage’s such as fair rental value or business interruption written.  Coverage is written under the standard industry fire insurance policy on an actual cash value basis.  Replacement cost coverage is not available. The maximum amount of coverage available at any one location is $1,500,000.



Although reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that electronic information on the Washington Fair Plan web site is complete, accurate, and timely, we do not represent that the information is complete, accurate, and timely in all instances. All information is subject to change without notice.



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