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The Application for Inspection  (WFP 100)


This also serves as the application for insurance. The application must be filled out completely. If missing information pertaining to prior carrier, loss detail, purchase price of property and answers to all of the other questions on the application, are not included we will be unable to process the application.  If the information for any question is not known, indicate that in the space provided. We will accept applications for inspection by fax.


Please note that the Fair Plan writes only fire, extended coverage and vandalism on an actual cash value basis.  If the coverage being replaced is a Homeowners policy with the amount of insurance based on replacement cost, the coverage requested in the Fair Plan should be reduced to the actual cash value figure.



After the property has been inspected by the Washington Surveying & Rating Bureau, the inspection will be returned to the Fair Plan.  A premium quote will be prepared and mailed to the agent.


The sample quote sheet shows the premium due at the bottom right corner.  If the premium is paid to the agent by the insured, you may deposit the premium in your agency account and send the Fair Plan your agency check for the net amount due which is the gross premium minus your 10% commission.   Please do not endorse the insured's check to us, as we do not accept personal checks from insured’s.


The Policy

The Fair Plan will send the Policy to the Insured and copies to the Agent and Mortgagee (if applicable).


Renewal Offer (WFP 107)

Approximately 45 days prior to policy expiration, a renewal letter and policy will be sent  with notification of the renewal premium. Copies of the renewal offer will be sent to the agent, the insured and any mortgagee listed.  Please contact your insured and verify that existing coverage, deductibles, etc. are current.  Notify the Washington Fair Plan if changes are required so that an updated renewal offer can be processed.


 An annual premium payment due date will be indicated on the renewal offer letter



The premium must be paid in full, on or before the due date.  Our premium payment procedures remain the same. Late payments will not be processed. If payment is received after the due date it will be returned and your customer will be required to reapply for coverage under the provision of Washington Administrative Code 284-19.

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