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Producer Information



Authority of Producers (“Insurance Agents”)

The Fair Plan has no agents.  We use the term producer to refer to the “insurance agent” who assists the applicant in applying to the Plan.  Producers (“insurance agents”) are not representatives or agents of the Fair Plan.


Producers (“insurance agents”) “may not”


  • Act as agents for the Fair Plan.
  • Bind coverage for the Fair Plan
  • Settle losses of the Fair Plan
  • Decline or refuse to insure a risk on behalf of the Fair Plan
  • Act on behalf of the Fair Plan or commit the Fair Plan to any course of action.




Applications are available for download on this web site they may also be obtained by contacting the Washington Fair Plan office, 2122 164th Street SW, Suite 202, Lynnwood, WA 98087.  Phone 425-745-9808.  Applications should be fully completed on both sides with each question answered.  The applicant and the agent must sign the application.  A separate application is required for each commercial building.


Coverage will become effective once the application is processed, inspection is completed, and risk is determined acceptable by the Washington Fair Plan and premium paid to the Washington Fair Plan.  Since all of this requires a reasonable amount of time, you should submit the application well in advance of the policy effective date so that possible coverage gaps can be avoided.  Agents do not have authority to bind coverage, act for, or in any way commit the Fair Plan or the Service Insurer to coverage.


Applications that reveal that a risk is ineligible will be declined; we will however provide a specific reason for the declination.




When an application is received, it is sent to the Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau or other approved organization for inspection.


The cooperation of the applicant or their representative is essential to expedite the inspection of a property, since the program requires that the inspection be made in the presence of the applicant or their representative.


After the inspection is completed it is evaluated for approval.  The agent or applicant will be advised that (a) the risk is acceptable, or (b) the risk will be acceptable if improvements are made by the applicant and confirmed by re-inspection or (c) the risk is not acceptable for the reason(s) stated in the notification letter.

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