Washington Fair Plan
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Once the risk is approved, the agent will be notified of the premium amount required and the policy will be issued and delivered to the agent upon payment of the premium to the Fair Plan.  Coverage will not become effective until the Fair Plan receives payment. The Policy Period is noted on the Declaration Page.  The Fair Plan will send the Policy to the Insured and copies to the agent and mortgagee (if applicable).


The premium due may be paid to the Fair Plan in person or by mail.  The preferred method is for the agent to collect full payment from the insured and then remit by agency check the net premium after deducting their 10% commission.  Payment direct to the Fair Plan from the insured may be by certified check or money order for the gross amount. An insured's personal check will not be accepted.


Premiums for Fair Plan policies usually can be financed through your normal channels.  When a policy is financed we will accept only the gross premium from the finance company. Commissions due the Agent will be paid the following month.  If it is agreeable with the finance company, the gross amount can be sent directly to the agent and in turn the agent may remit an agency check on a net basis to the Washington Fair Plan.



Full payment is required for new and renewal policies. The Mortgagee/ Additional Insured can be billed.



Renewal Premium Notices are mailed 45 days prior to renewal to Named Insured, the Producer and the Mortgagee/Additional Insured if so indicated on the application.


The agent's commission will be 10% (ten percent).


Policies issued through the Fair Plan will be for a term of one year, and the effective date will be no earlier than the date payment is received by the Fair Plan.


All documents originating with the Fair Plan will include a Fair Plan Policy Number. Reference to this Policy Number is encouraged in any communication with the Fair Plan.


The Farmers Insurance Company of Washington is the Service Insurer for the Fair Plan.  Accordingly the policy declarations page will include the name of the Farmers Insurance Company.  All correspondence and policy inquiries should be sent to the Fair Plan Office.

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